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Cub Scout Pack 901
(Evanston, Illinois)
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Application & Membership Information

Want to sign up for Scouts or need a form?  Here's where you find the information.

Turn in the forms below along with the dues to your Den Leader, the Cubmaster, or the Chartered Organization Rep and you are set!

When you sign up, you become a Member of the Boy Scouts of America.  The BSA will mail a membership card to the Cubmaster, who will then pass it on to you.  This membership card has some benefits, included free or discounted admission to some places as well as discounts at some retail outlets.  Click the links for some more information on those benefits:

Youth Application

If you want to sign up your child for Scouts, the form is attached.  If you would like a carbon-copy form, just ask and we will get one to you.

The attached form is fillable, which means you can just type the information directly from your computer and print it filled-out.  You can also print it as-is.  You can only save a blank version.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

How to fill out the form:
Go to page 5
Unit type:  Cub Scout Pack
Unit Number: 0901
For Pack Registration Select One: Tiger = 1st grade, Wolf = 2nd grade, Bear = 3rd grade, Webelos  =4th or 5th grade (Note: If it is the end of the school-year of the summer, please click the box of the grade your child is going into in the fall.)
Mark if new to Scouting:  Click the box if this is your child's first time in Scouting, Click the other box that applies if your child is not new to Scouting.
Transfer Application:  Fill out this section if your child is an existing Scout and is transferring from another Pack.  For instance, if you have moved.
Name and Address Information: Fill out the entire section
Boy's Life subscription: Click here if you would like your child to receive the Boy's Life magazine.  The cost is $12 per year.
Parent/Guardian or Tiger Cub Adult Partner Information: Fill out this entire section
Signature:  Be sure to sign over "Signature of Parent/Guardian"  Leave the Venturer Signature line blank.  This applies only to certain older Scouts and not to our Pack.

Turn in this form along with the Medical Form, Activity Consent and application fee.  The application fee is $24, and if you chose to get a Boy's Life subscription, it is an additional $12.
Icon File Name Comment  
BSA_Youth-app_Fillable.pdf Youth Applciation - Fillable  

Adult Leader Applciation

This application is to be filled out by anyone wishing to volunteer as an Adult Leader.  An Adult Leader can be a:
Chartered organization representative
Committee chairman
Committee member
Assistant Cubmaster
Webelos den leader
Assistant Webelos den leader
Wolf or Bear Den leader
Wolf or Bear Assistant den leader
Tiger Cub den leader
Pack trainer
ScoutParent unit coordinator

Being an Adult Leader requires training.  The amount and type of training depends on the position.  EVERY Adult Leader must complete the following basic training:
Youth Protection Training
This is Scouting Training
Training specific to your position

There is also a lot of additional training available to those who would like to learn more.  All basic training can be completed online at

The attached application is fillable.  This means that you can fill out the application from your computer and print it.  You can also print a blank copy.  You may only save a blank copy to your computer.

How to fill out the application:
Go to page 4
Background check: Read the information & fill out your name.
Go to page 5
Unit Scouters: Pack
Unit No.: 0901
Expire date: Leave blank
Term: Leave blank
New/Former Leader:
Click appropriate circle
Transfer From: Fill out this section if you have transferred from another Unit. For instance, if you have moved, or have an older child in another Scouting program and are now working with a younger child in our Pack.
Personal information section: Fill out all personal information, click if you have completed the listed training.
Position Code: see page 2, if you have any questions, leave it blank
Eagle Scout: fill out if applicable
e-mail: fill out
Boy's Life subscription: click if you would like to receive Boy's Life Magazine at a cost of $12 per year.
Scouting and Personal Background info (on right of page): Complete all information in this section

Print and sign page 4 and page 5 over "Signature of Applicant". Turn in with medical form.
Icon File Name Comment  
Leader_App_fillable.pdf Adult Leader Application - Fillable  

Medical Form

Please note that the medical form has been updated, and all former medical forms are no longer valid.

Here is the new medical form: 

The CDC's recommended vaccination schedules are also attached if you need help remembering when your child's vaccinations were.

We have also attached a handy vaccination abbreviation guide, to help you decipher what all of those vaccinations are really called.

You do not need to provide anything from your doctor unless you have a special medical need to do so.
Icon File Name Comment  
NEW parts_ab.pdf New Medical Form (2013)  
parent-ver-sch-0-6yrs.pdf CDC Vaccination Recommendations 0-6 years  
parent-version-schedule-7-18yrs.pdf CDC Vaccination Recommendations 7-18 years  
Vaccine Abbreviation Guide.pdf Vaccination abreviation guide  

Activity Consent Form

The attached Activity consent gives your child permission to go on Scouting activities with his Pack or Den.  The attached form is fillable, which means you can fill it out on your computer and print it. 

Please fill in all sections of the form.
Where the form says "Has permission to participate in", fill in "Unit Activities"
Icon File Name Comment  
Activity Consent.pdf Avtivity Consent Form  

Talent Release

Fill out the Talent Release form if you authorize Pack 901 to use photos of your Scout partcipating in Pack 901 activities on the following:
This website
Promotional boards used at events like Lincoln's Ice Cream Social and Pack Meetings
Evanston Cub Scout Pack 901 Facebook page

You may specify if there are places that you do or do not want your child's photo used.

If you do not what your child's photo used at all - do not fill out the form.

Icon File Name Comment  
HoldHarmlessTalentReleaseForm_Bilingual.pdf Talent Release NEW