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Cub Scout Pack 901
(Evanston, Illinois)
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Raingutter Regatta

Our next Raingutter Regatta will be Tuesday, December 15th.
Trimarans will be handed out at the November Pack Meeting to registered P901 Scouts.  Additional boats can be purchased for $5.99 for anyone else that wants to participate in the race.

The Raingutter Regatta is a family-oriented activity.  The Scout receives a kit & takes it home to assemble it.  The adults give the Scout guidance, but the Scout should do most of the work.  You bring back the assembled model, and the Scouts take turns racing their craft by blowing through straws at the sail.  Our Pack does not use traditional raingutters, instead we have an inflatable raceway.

This year, we will not race to see who is fastest, we will simply do the project for fun.  The completion of this project also gives the following credit:
Tigers: Elective 17
Wolves: Elective 5g
Bears: Requirement 21a
Webelos: Craftsman Activity Badge - Requirement 4

See the attached file for some tips on building your craft.  Decals to decorate your ship are available at the Scout Store and possibly Tom Thumb.

The Raingutter Regatta takes place at our December Pack Meeting and is combined with our Bobcat Ceremony.