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Cub Scout Pack 901
(Evanston, Illinois)
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Each year, Cub Scouts work on the Rank Badge for their grade level.  In February, the same month of the Boy Scouts of America and Cub Scouting anniversaries, we celebrate those Scouts' accomplishments and reward them in a special ceremony. 

Blue and gold are the colors of Cub Scouting.  Blue stands for truth & spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above. Gold stands for warm sunlight, good cheer, and happiness.

We strongly encourage family members as well as teachers and school Principals to attend the celebration.  The accomplishments that these children achieve are truly monumental. They work extremely hard and deserve the attention of their role models. They should be praised and acknowledged for the very special people they are.

At the Blue and Gold Celebration, we can have one or more ceremony.  We work as hard as we can to provide a special night within the small time we are allotted at the school.  We have a Blue and Gold Banner and each year Scouts sign their name in the color of the Rank Badge they earned.  Then, when they graduate, they can see all the times they signed it!

Sometimes we also have Summer Camp and Friends of Scouting presentations during the Blue & Gold.

Rank Badge Ceremony

This is for Scouts who have earned their Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Rank Badge.  Scouts are called up individually, and their Den Leader gives their Rank Badge to their parent or guardian who then pin the award on the Scout's uniform. 

Arrow of Light Ceremony
If any Scouts earn the Arrow of Light that year, those Scouts will be recognized at the end of the Rank Badge Ceremony. Those Scouts will be brought in front of the guests and their Arrow of Light will be given to the parent or guardian (one Scout at a time) who will then pin the award on their Scout's uniform.

Crossing Over Ceremony
If any Scouts are crossing over to Boy Scouts, they will have a special ceremony after all the Rank Badges and Arrows of Light have been handed out.  The Boy Scout Troop the Scouts are crossing over into, Troop 3, have the Scouts cross over a ceremonial bridge - from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting.  If possible, OA Dancers will perform a special ceremony for the Scouts. The Den Flag for the Den that Crosses Over is presented to the Den Leader.

You can view photos of our celebrations on our Facebook Page.

Previous Pack 901 Blue and Gold Celebrations:
2014 - This year we had A LOT of awards to hand out.  We had a pot luck dinner, and handed out Rank Badges.  Two Scouts received Arrow of Light, and 4 Scouts crossed-over to Boy Scouts in a special OA Ceremony.  We also had special awards for some very special Leaders, and camp & FOS presentations.
2013 - This year, a special Arrow of Light ceremony was held in May for two Scouts that earned their Arrow of Light. These Scouts also received custom Arrow of Light plaques.  All the Scouts talked about Leave No Trace.
2013 - Blue and Gold Carnival - Scouts of all ranks participating in making games and decorations for the celebration.  Those that earned their Rank Badges were awarded, then everyone played carnival games.  A custom cake was made for the celebration.
2012 - Blue and Gold Potluck - Scouts that earned their Rank Badges were awarded.  Two Scouts also earned their Arrow of Light and crossed-over to Boy Scouts with the help of the OA Dancers and Troop 3. Families brought a dish and we shared dinner together. This year our Blue and Gold banner was introduced.  A custom cake was made for the celebration and all Scouts made their own Blue and Gold square knot neckerchief slide. The outgoing Cubmaster was also awarded a plaque.
2011 - Blue and Gold - Scouts that earned their Rank Badges were awarded.  Scouts also learned how to set up a tent. A custom cake was made for the celebration.