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Cub Scout Pack 901
(Evanston, Illinois)
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Non-Discrimination Policy

Pack 901 will not discriminate against anyone for any reason.  Our Charter Organization is a public school's PTA, and in order for us to work out of that school we are required to sign a "Non-Discrimination Clause" with the school district.  Here is what we signed and submitted to School District 65:

"The undersigned hereby submits assurance that
Evanston Lincoln Cub Scout Pack 901
Shall not discriminate or deny equal access to any individual on the basis of sexual orientation or any
protected status, including race, color, national origin, sex, religious belief, physical and mental handicap or
disability, status as homeless, or actual or potential marital or parental status, including pregnancy, be denied equal access to programs, activities, services or benefits or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage, or denied equal access to educational and extracurricular programs and activities."

We agree completely with the above statement.  We understand that some BSA organizations have discriminated against Scouts and their families, and we believe this is a terrible practice.  Those Packs & Troops are answerable to their Chartered Organization, which is supposed to regulate things like Scout admissions and Leader selection.  Those organizations either did not manage their unit properly or chose to participate in discrimination. 

This behavior saddens and disgusts us.  We believe every child should have the opportunity to participate and not be kicked out because they have turned 18 and are therefore no longer considered a "youth". We also believe that no child should see their parent removed from or barred from leadership based solely on their sexual orientation.  

There are so many options for your child, and we believe Scouting is a well-rounded option.  If a child has a  limitation, they never have to feel that they can't join or are letting their team down.  There are so many varied activities - one day may mean playing a game of basketball, then next they may take a walk in the woods, then they might just sit down and learn about some local history.  Even on a day where your child may not be able to participate in the planned subject (such as a physical limitation and playing basketball), they can participate in another way (like keeping score).  Everyone is important.  Everyone counts.

In addition to Pack 901's current leaders' beliefs that discrimination is unacceptable, being sponsored by a public school also helps protects your children and you from discrimination.

The BSA has recently changed their Membership Policy to allow youth of any sexual orientation, it still discriminates against adults, or youth once they turn the age of 18.  Pack 901 will still not discriminate against anyone - youth or adult.

We also offer the Inclusive Scouting Award to any who want it.

If you ever feel that discrimination has taken place, we want to know immediately!  We will not tolerate it, and will stop it right away.

To see the BSA's statement on the Membership Policy Resolution, go here:

Attached, you can view a letter written by our local Council (Northeast Illinois Council) to the National Key 3 regarding the Council's view of the BSA membership statement.